retrieve re‧trieve [rɪˈtriːv] verb [transitive]
1. COMPUTING to get back information that has been stored in a computer:

• The application stores and retrieves data according to the user's requirements.

• To retrieve a file, double click on it using the mouse.

2. if a company retrieves money, costs, or losses, it succeeds in obtaining an amount of money equal to the amount it spent or lost; = RECOUP:

• The bank will have trouble retrieving anything like the value of its loans.

— retrieval noun [uncountable] :

• efficient information retrieval

* * *

retrieve UK US /rɪˈtriːv/ verb [T]
IT to get stored information from a computer: retrieve data/information »

I finally managed to retrieve the deleted data.

retrieve a record/image/file, etc. »

The search is designed to retrieve all the records WorldCat has for a particular book.

retrieve sth from sth »

The product helps retrieve accidentally deleted image files from virtually any kind of removable media for digital cameras.

to get something back that has been lost, taken, or left somewhere: »

The company has taken legal action to retrieve the stolen cash.

retrieve sth from sb/sth »

He retrieved the documents from his colleague's desk.

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